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Arch Schools 2014

Exhibition identity and design for Arch Schools 2014—a yearly showcase of North Eastern US architecture schools. Presented by the American Institute of Archtiect's NYC Center for Architecture. Designed with Kevin Wade Shaw as All Other Services.

The exhibit included a featured thesis project from each school, departmental ephemera, and a display of school publications which carried the show's modular graph-paper system onto its shelves.  

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MoMA 194X to 9/11

Identity, title wall, and interior graphics for the Museum of Modern Art’s exhibition 194X to 9/11: American Architects and the City, in the Architecture and Design galleries.

The show presents “design projects for a hypothetical postwar American city, [which] rethink both urban community life and the relationship between architecture and urban planning.”

In close collaboration with the MoMA Design Studio.

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MoMA Foreclosed

Video design for the pre-exhibition phase of Foreclosed: Rehousing the American Dream, which examined new architectural possibilities for American cities and suburbs in the context of the foreclosure crisis.

Development included identity, illustration, and narrative storyboarding.

Project incorporates many of MTWTF’s pre-existing assets created for the Buell Center.

In close collaboration with the MoMA Design Studio, animated by Rob Chapman.

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MoMA Publications

Design and design-support for the Museum of Modern Art's print production.

Print-work is produced in coordination with education and out-reach programs, each of the seven curatorial departments, and special programming ranging from film festivals to workshops. 

Produced in close collaboration with the MoMA Design Studio.

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Identity and art-direction for Highland—an NYC menswear brand.

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The Last Newspaper...

10 Newspapers comprising the New Museum catalog for the exhibition, The Last Newspaper...

The papers were directed and edited by the Barcelona-based curatorial team Latitudes.

“...If the artwork assembled in the galleries is dedicated to deconstructing the power and possibilities of the press, then the invited participants are engaged in finding new (and perhaps more holistic) ways of describing the world.”

Each issue designed with Chad Kloepfer—1 a week for 10 weeks. Printed by Linco, 11.5" x 14."

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Secondary Communities

Secondary Communities is a print-on-demand book project organized by British artist John Reardon to investigate connections (or the lack thereof) between art and democracy.

The book contains 131 varied contributions from artists and writers including Francis Alys, Doug Ashford, Ayreen Anastas & Rene Gabri, Binna Choi, Atelier Van Lieshout, Critical Arts Ensemble, Liam Gillick, Thomas Hirschhorn, Marilyn Manson, Metahaven, Roman Ondak, Pipilotti Rist, Joe Scanlan, and Tom of Finland. 

Design completed under the direction of Project Projects.

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Salt Lake City Museum of Natural History

Information graphics and illustration design throughout the Salt Lake City Museum of Natural History. From lava flows to languages.

The graphics and illustrations work in dynamic relation to the installations—providing context, 
minute detail, cypher keys, and activity prompts. 

With Ralph Appelbaum Associates and specialists from the SLC MNH.

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Seeking Silicon Valley

Catalog for the ZERO1 Biennial, Seeking Silicon Valley. The exhibition looked at Silicon Valley as a place of hidden codes.

The catalog was printed with alternating covers, each with a rebus of the exhibition title.

Drawings by Jordy van den Nieuwendijk.

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Secret of the Ninth Planet

Catalog for CCA's Graduate Curatorial Department’s thesis exhibition.

Most visible in the dark, the catalog becomes an active vehicle for the exhibition—originally described as a meditation on latency.